Facial ProceduresWith age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes wrinkles. Facial cosmetic surgery turns the clock back, but the aging process does continue inexorably forward. This surgery redirects and resupports as it removes the looseness which develops with age. We are an eye-contact society; we wish our eyes to sparkle while the rest of our face blends nicely into the background. This is approached through a menu of tissue alterations, addressing the forehead, face, eyelids and neck, either individually or in combination. Each of these areas also has a variety of procedures to specifically individualize the improvement based on need. The goal is to choose the procedure best suited to the patient’s needs, desires and financial considerations. After surgery, one should follow a lifestyle directed toward delaying the aging process to prolong the effect of their new correction. Exercise, diet, stress reduction, limiting sun exposure and no smoking are all basic foundations to a good long-term result.

What you get is more than what you see. Removal of external excess skin is further enhanced by maneuvers designed for tightening neck muscles, removal of bulging eyelid fat, tailoring overactive eyelid and eyebrow musculature and resuspending facial support structures. Laser resurfacing adds another dimension to the long-term success of these procedures.