“I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Schuster and his staff! I found out my son had a cleft lip when I was three months pregnant and researched several surgeons online and found him, and I thank God I did! My son is now almost 11 years, and has gone through I believe four surgeries with Dr. Schuster,each surgery being flawless. I am truly amazed at the talent God gave him to “fix” my sons lip and to give him the confidence and smile that he has now. You can’t even tell he had a cleft, he looks amazing. He is so great with my son, its almost like we are family when we walk in! Hands down best surgeon!”

Katie P.Patient’s mother

“My youngest son was born with a nevus sebaceous of jadassohn birthmark on the scalp and forehead, just above his eyebrow. Dr Schuster came to us highly recommended and has performed approximately four surgeries to my son’s forehead since he was about 2 yrs old. His last surgery was done last year when he was 16 yrs old. The scar is there, but hardly noticeable. The doctor removed the birthmark completely over a period of time by allowing my son to age and gradually bringing the scar along his hairline. I am very pleased with the results and so is my son, considering what the birthmark looked like when he was born and how dangerous the birthmark could be if left as it was.”